What makes us "Affordable?"

A. We get asked this all the time. It is a simple and easy answer!  We do not have the largest and fanciest showroom in town! Our offices are not huge! We are just a good size shop with all modern equipment that it takes to make your countertops look beautiful for you! We have a dedicated staff that cares about each installation! Since our overhead is low we pass the savings on to our customers! We have been making granite and quartz AFFORDABLE here in central Ohio for the last 16 years!  

Why did we choose the name "Affordable Granite" 16 years ago?

A.  When we started AG, 16 years ago, most homeowners had to go to kitchen designers to purchase their granite. Granite shops did not sell directly to the public. They protected their territory and charged very high prices. We were one of the first in town to sell directly to a homeowner. We named it "Affordable" because we wanted to let customers know that with honest pricing it is very affordable. We were the first in town to offer a free sink with countertops. Still today we give the best prices on grade A or #1 granite. 


 Is heat a problem around granite?



A. Would you believe we actually use torches to dry the stone during fabrication! Granite is very heat resistant and can   handle the heat associated with baking trays, pots and pans shuffled around   your range. But we still recommend using trivets because all granite has some   moisture in it and when heated moisture will expand and crack granite. This   problem can occur under constant heat such as a coffee maker.



What do I do to maintain the shiny finish?



A. There is very little maintenance required with granite counters. Warm soap and water for everyday clean up, or even   razor blades for dried on foods stuck on the counter. Non-oil based kitchen   cleaners ( no “Orange Oil”) and of course no abrasive cleaners. Products like   409 are OK, but no heavy ammonia sprays, etc. Your granite counter has been   machined to a high shiny finish - you can count on it being shiny for the next few generations.



What's the difference between Affordable  Granite and regular granite?



A. Affordable Granite is the name of our company; we sell regular granite. We do not sell pieces parts or  "seconds". We offer traditional 3 cm granite as well as 2 cm if   needed.



 I don't think I can afford this!



A. You may be right, but you should compare  prices with the popular man-made products offered today. Although it's more expensive than tile, you can get beautiful granite for the same price or less   as the plastic, poured and molded counters (Quartz).



What's the difference between Corian® and granite?



A. Corian® (solid surface) became popular as a   granite substitute during the 1990’s since natural stone prices were so high.   With the influx of granite being imported to the US nowadays, the prices for   granite now match solid surface counters. At Affordable Granite, often we are   less expensive than solid surface.



Will all of my Granite pieces match?



A. Because Granite is a product of nature, no   two slabs are an exact match. Many granite slabs will vary from one end of a   slab to the other. We will make every effort to use slabs that are as close a   match as possible. If you feel you need to have an exact match you my need to   choose a man made product such as laminate or Corian®.